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Relief is Just a Foot Away

What do we do?

We perform ONE ON ONE SESSIONS with individuals to relieve or prevent pain and mobility problems. WE PROVIDE TRAINING to people who are interested in learning the work. Most anyone, regardless of background can be trained. Our CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM is fully customized to any size business. Results are tracked with our iPad app, giving corporate executives a 24/7 picture of the results we are achieving with their workforce. Typical reductions in cost related to pain and immobility are between 30-90%. REALLY.

How do we do it?

Our proprietary techniques are performed with the person fully clothed on a mat on the floor. The Rossiter Coach strategically and gently places their foot on the Person In Charge (PIC)-who then does specific movements to stretch and restore their connective tissue to it's natural healthy looseness. The warmth and weight of the foot is a perfectly suited tool to use, and the PIC is in full control of the session at all times. Our unorthodox methodology is without peer for speed, safety, and results. With 25 years in the field-try what hundreds of thousands of happy people know: Feeling IS Believing!

How we are different:

  • Pain/Mobility Effectively Addressed at the Source.
  • Dramatic, Immediate Results.
  • Non-Invasive, Safe, Quick, and Proven with 25 Years Experience.
  • Boost Performance - Improve Mobility.
  • Relief Head to Toe.